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Established in March 2012, CE Asia stands as Malaysia’s premier distributor for globally renowned equipment manufacturers like SANYPALFINGER, MULTITEL, COMETTO and MOUVERS, specializing in cutting-edge solutions for both lifting and transportation needs. Our extensive product range includes a variety of lifting solutions, from powerful Knuckle Cranes and Straight Boom Cranes to more compact options, catering to diverse industry requirements. At CE Asia, we take pride in delivering top-tier equipment that ensures efficiency and excellence across various sectors.

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Our commitment extends beyond the purchase.
We’re dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction long after your initial investment.

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Explore the cutting-edge realm of lifting and transportation with CE Asia. Our curated selection features top-tier brands such as SANYPALFINGER, MULTITEL, COMETTO, and MOUVERS, delivering a suite of groundbreaking solutions. At CE Asia, we guarantee unmatched quality, reliability, and sustainability in every lift.

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