A proud subsidiary of Wong Fong Engineering in Singapore, CE Asia Heavy Machinery Sdn Bhd is positioned as a distinguished 5S service center nestled in the thriving Kempas Utama Industrial Park, Johor Bahru, Malaysia. With a strategic presence in both Malaysia and Indonesia, we draw upon the extensive expertise of our Singapore-based parent company to deliver exceptional services and products.


Empowering businesses with top-tier products, exceptional service, and sustainable practices for lasting success.


To lead in innovative heavy machinery solutions, redefining industry standards.

Constructive & Professional Management

Our management team believes everyone is entitled to be managed in a fair and constructive manner, to improve overall business productivity as well as to provide people with the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally for present and future success.

Operational Experts

Ensuring a smooth day-to-day flow of workplace activities while complying with the company’s policies and standards, we also assure the consistency of delivering quality products and services to all customers.

Sales Engineer & Business Development Consultants

Building long-term strategic relationships with both new and existing customers, we provide best-fit solutions for all business needs, along with excellent pre-sales and post-sales service.

Project Engineers

Constructing every product with optimal economical operations, in addition to appealing and user-centric design. We also manage project schedules meticulously to ensure timely deliveries to our customers.

Service & Maintenance Team

Offering quality repair works and maintenance for equipment of all brands and models, we prioritize ensuring the uptime of our customers’ equipment. Each stage of the servicing procedure is attentively handled by our proficient service team.

Research & Innovative Specialists

Through engineering research, studies, and rigorous test-outs, we create the best-fit systems and innovative offerings. Our commitment extends to enhancing existing solutions and pioneering new advancements tailored to the needs of the industry market.

Manufacturing Specialists

We follow a comprehensive process of developing, testing, and evaluating each design to ensure the highest quality for all our products. Additionally, we provide robust infrastructure support for all manufacturing works, including welding, fabricating, dismantling, and assembly.